Already from our base series we are able to produce a representation that contains all essential characteristics of real music. Both in terms of sound balance and space image, a performance is presented that is unprecedented in this price range, all of that in dimensions which remain friendly in
your living room.




The M-series uses the old patent where the woofer is mounted on the back of the loudspeaker housing by means of a sand-filled steel tube. In the renewed patent this steel tube is no longer used, but it has been replaced by an aluminum rod around which a PVC tube is mounted with a filling of lead grains. This connection is stiffer than the old construction and therefore gives a better result.



The MP series uses the new patent, in which not only one but two woofers are used. In this way all reactive (undesired) energy is eliminated, which also increases the efficiency and more than both drivers together in a traditional way. 



The HR series is developed in the same way as the M series but with higher efficiency.