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The first patent is used in the M-series and is based on the technique to suppress the unwanted resonances as effective as possible. Some of these unwanted resonances are generated by the reactive energy of the magnet of the loudspeaker (action gives reaction).


With the standard mounting of the loudspeaker, at the front of the housing, the reactive energy through the frame or chassis of the loudspeaker will be discharged to the front panel and brought in vibration. This will adversely affect the original sound signal. We call this coloring.

With the first MC-patent, this reactive energy is discharged via the ballast body to the rear of the loudspeaker. The ballast body is filled with sand so that part of the energy will be absorbed.

The remaining energy will be discharged to the floor via the much stronger rear of the loudspeaker. In this way the front of the loudspeaker remains free of unwanted resonances. In this front panel all speakers will be able to do their job significantly better and with less distortion.


The first patent has been further developed with the years, resulting in using two tweekers instead of one which causes a significant improvement on both designs and quality. This second patent has been applied on the latest MP-series and is still being developed. Detailed information on this will follow.

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