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Born in 1951, Rob Meyst came from what can be called an artistic family. His father was a dentist and mother fashion designer. A special combination that influenced his later life and career. After high school, he followed the steps of his father's great pleasure in studying dentistry. A profession that he continues to practice with much love, joy and passion to this day.


In addition, Rob has another side, a side where more the influences of his artistic mother served. In his student days he showed an excessive interest in music reproduction and started experimenting with loudspeaker techniques that marked the birth of MC Systems. Luckily, he needs little sleep and therefore can give dentistry as well as loudspeaker building the time it needs.


Rob Meyst and Wim Corbier started MC Systems in 1983, in which the 'M' stands for Meyst and the 'C' for Corbier. Whereas Rob took care of the technical part, Wim was the cabinetmaker. In addition to loudspeakers - both at home and for the professional market - audio and video furniture was one of his passions that he manufactured. After Wim Corbier got too busy with his other furniture making activities, he transferred his share to Rob, after which he went on a solo proprietorship of MC Systems.

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